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Mobile Trading Application
Mobile Application

Simplified trading application to support your investment needs on both iOS and Android operating systems

Web Trading Platform
Web Trading

Get mobility with the Web Trading terminal to log in and trade from any device and make trades in a flash

Web Trading Platform
Desktop EXE
Desktop EXE

Make faster trades and cover minimal margins with the Desktop EXE and gain better control on your trading

Quant Power
Quant Power

Transforming your trading game with the power of Algorithmic Trading and own your trades with Quant Power

Quant Power
Features Loaded Platforms
Bulk Order icon
Bulk Order

Execute large number of orders, all at once.

Multi Leg Order icon
Multi Leg Order

Execute trading strategies by trading multiple options/securities.

Option Chain icon
Option Chain

Get a menu of available price and time choices on a specific stock.

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Bracket Order icon
Bracket Order

Define profit and loss boundaries for enhanced risk management.

Spread Order icon
Spread Order

Simultaneously buy and sell related assets for strategic trading.

Market Analytics icon
Market Analytics

Gain valuable insights into market trends.

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Price Alerts icon
Price Alerts

Set price alerts to receive notifications when your specified market conditions are met.

GTT Order icon
GTT Order

Never miss a profitable moment by timing your trades perfectly.

Insta Order Function icon
Insta Order Function

Place your order in the blink of an eye.

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Customize Dashboard icon
Customize Dashboard

Tailor your trading experience with a custom dashboard.

Stock SIP icon
Stock SIP

Effortlessly invest over time by scheduling recurring purchases.

After Market Orders icon
After Market Orders

Seize opportunities and go beyond traditional trading window.

Investors Image
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Your Security
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Enjoy Transparent and Cost-Effective Trading Solutions. Trade with Ease and Confidence, Knowing You’re Getting the Best Value.

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