Simple 4-Step IPO Investment

step 1

Login to your Demat Account and check for the live or Active IPOs

step 2

Select the IPO you want to invest

step 3

Bid on the IPO with the available size and price band

step 4

Pay the lot amount through a secured payment channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

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IPO stands for Initial Public Offer.

IPO is a unit of securities offered by a listed private company to sell its shares in the primary market.

Upcoming IPO shows the list of companies that are in the process of releasing the IPO in the near future.

Through NSE, Go to log in with your username & password, and you will get the allotment status column, where you will see get the status as ‘Alloted’, or ‘Unalloted’. Through BSE, Go to and log in with the application number and PAN number. The details of your bid will appear, where you will see get the status as ‘Alloted’, or ‘Unalloted’.

When private companies want to raise their capital, they put their share to buy by investors for the first time in the name of ‘IPO’ through the stock market exchanges such as BSE & NSE.

The buying decision on an IPO depends on the company’s profile, its future scope, and current revenue streams. Make an informed decision to buy the best among the available options. Almondz will help you in buying the best IPOs.

The practice of reselling an initial public offering (IPO) shares during the first few days of trading in order to get a high return is known as flipping. This is done to get an instant profit on the IPOs.

The full form of FPO is ‘Follow on Public Offer’. Release of additional shares by an already listed company to fetch more capital from their current shareholders (mainly promoters) is called FPO. This is done by the company to broaden its shareholder base.

IPO refers to the first hand distribution of shares by a private entity whereas FPO refers to the additional release of shares by a company in order to generate additional capital.

According to SEBI Guidelines, you are not allowed for multiple applications to a single IPO. If you want to make multiple orders, you may do so by submitting the application in your family's name. However, they should have a separate Demat account and a PAN number.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are significant events in the financial markets. IPO is offered by a company to fetch money from the investors. Any company listing itself on the stock exchanges for the first time offers its shares to the public. IPOs offer numerous benefits to various stakeholders, including the company going public, investors, and the broader economy. An IPO provides companies with access to a new source of capital. By issuing shares to the public, companies raise funds that can be used for various purposes such as expansion, research and development, debt repayment, or acquisitions. This influx of capital can fuel growth and strategic initiatives, enabling companies to capitalize on new opportunities and enhance their competitive position.

AlmondzTrade provides you with an early opportunity for all the upcoming IPOs. We showcase all the new IPO. As an investor, if you miss during the bidding time, you may invest in the latest IPOs with the AlmondzTrade App, after it has opened to its sale and purchase. The new IPO list will be visible to you on our website. You can get all the IPO details on the document uploaded on the website.

Going public through an IPO increases a company's visibility and credibility in the market. Being listed on a stock exchange provides exposure to a broader investor base, including institutional investors, analysts, and retail investors. This heightened visibility can enhance the company's brand image, attract talent, and strengthen relationships with customers and business partners.

Successful IPOs can instill confidence in investors and foster positive sentiment towards the company and the broader market. A well-received IPO signals investor appetite for new investment opportunities and demonstrates the company's ability to execute its growth strategy.

As a smart investor, you should follow the IPOs calendar and watch the IPOs list to grab the upcoming opportunities. Through IPO subscriptions, retail investors can purchase shares at the IPO price and potentially benefit from price appreciation post-listing. This allows retail investors to access previously inaccessible assets and potentially generate wealth over time. You should conduct thorough research and due diligence before participating in IPOs to make informed investment decisions.