How to Contract F&O on Almondz

step 1
Login to Demat Account

Go to ‘Future’ and ‘option’

step 2
Go to ‘Option Chain’

Select the Lot for which you want to make the

step 3
Starts F&O Trading

Opt for the ‘Sell’ & ‘Buy’ icon depending on your future trading style.

Optimistic About Future? F&O is Meant to You

Diversify your portfolio along the Future Market.

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Exploring Advantages With F&O Trading

Ideal to Specific Investment

Through F&O, you can invest in exchange-traded derivatives that have stocks as an underlying asset.

Standardized features

Leverage your risks by taking a reserve position in a future contract. No time delay for future contracts.

Cost-efficient Hedging Technique

Reduces the inherent risks by avoiding the payment of the entire price of an underlying asset. Margin amount or premium is enough to buy an option.

Find your Option Strategies

Exercising the rights would totally depend on your choice. You would lead to positive, negative, or zero cash flow with options available to you.

Calculate Brokerage & Margin easily

Tap to know the financial levy depending on your sell value, and buy value on your chosen quantity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to our most commonly asked questions and find the
information you need with ease

In the stock market, Future and option are the types of (Derivative) contracts between the two parties where both parties buy/sell an underlying asset at a pre-determined price.

F&O stands for Future and Option. They are the types of derivatives used to hedge market risks by locking the price of an asset for future date.

Derivatives are the type of financial contracts that derive the value from an underlying asset such as stocks, commodities, currencies etc.

The option buyer is the owner of the contract. The ‘option buyer’ has the right but does not have an obligation to buy/sell an underlying asset on or before a particular date.

The person who buy/sell an option in return for a premium. They are also called writers or grantors. They are obliged to perform when the owner of the contract starts exercising his/her rights according to the contract.

The margin refers to the amount that must be paid in order to establish a position inside the derivative market. When you transact to buy/sell, the broker will request an advance margin payment which will protect you from the potential risks arising from market volatility.

When you do ‘Option’ trading, a premium refers to the money that a owner of an option contract pays. Premium in future contract is paid when the trading price exceeds the initial cost paid to get the same contract.

The expiration date is the day when all the settlement of the futures and options contracts is done at both end. Subject to the F&O strategies, prices may be impacted in proximity to the expiration date.

F&O meaning Futures and options are essential components of the financial market, allowing you to diversify your portfolios. F&O is a popular financial instrument that offers several benefits to investors and traders alike. F&O trading in equity involves contracts that have equity as underlying assets. Utilize the Futures and options (F&O) trading with AlmondzTrade. F&O markets are known for their liquidity and volatility, making them attractive for speculative traders seeking short-term financial goals.

One of the primary benefits of F&O trading is its ability to mitigate risks. Futures and options contracts allow investors to hedge against adverse price movements in the underlying assets. For instance, a farmer can hedge against the risk of falling crop prices by selling futures contracts, thereby locking in a price for their produce. Similarly, investors can use options contracts to protect their investment portfolios from market downturns.

Start opting for F&O trading that offers significant leverage, allowing traders to control large positions with a relatively small amount of capital. F&O margin calculator is a valuable tool for traders, providing quick and accurate calculations of margin requirements for F&O trades. It considers factors such as contract size, underlying asset price, volatility, and expiry date to determine the margin needed, enabling informed trading decisions and risk management. With the ability to take long and short positions, you can capitalize on market movements in any direction, irrespective of whether the underlying asset's price is rising or falling.

A large number of participants like you are actively trading these instruments. F&O trading can enhance portfolio returns by providing additional income through strategies such as covered call writing or selling put options. These strategies generate premiums that add to investors' overall returns, especially in sideways or mildly bullish markets. F&O trading offers a wide range of benefits, including risk management, leverage, diversification, speculative opportunities, price discovery, arbitrage opportunities, liquidity, portfolio enhancement, and potential tax benefits.