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Organized Portfolio

Store, Track, and Manage your purchased Financial Instruments. Transactions and holdings are also maintained.

Trading view chart icon
Trading View Charts

Get integrated data in the form of candlesticks, bars, lines & pie charts. This will update you with current market conditions.

Gtt order icon
GTT Order

Automate your trading process. Free yourself from continuous price tracking. Save your time, place your order according to your preferred time.

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After Market Order icon
After Market Order (AMO)

Provide Extended Window of Opportunity for Trading. Place orders for buying or selling securities beyond trading hours. No Cost Policies on AMO.

SIP icon

Keep consistency with the investment. Continue recurring purchases with a small amount and get compounding interests.

Instant fund transfer icon
Instant Fund Transfer

Cheaper mode of money transfer without sharing bank account details. Secure, reliable, speedy, and hassle-free transaction.

Streamlined Trading Experience

Alert Notification icon

Alert Notifications

Real time updates of crucial events
for timely action.

Single Watchlist icon

Single Watchlist

Monitor multiple stocks, create personalised
portfolio with preferred shares.

Insta Order icon

Insta Order

Place your order in the blink of an

Market Analysis icon

Market Analysis

Gain valuable insights into market

Script Overview icon

Scrip Overview

Get snapshot of your share's key details and
performance for smarter investments.

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Empower your trading strategies with
our margin and option calculator.

Get started with your Demat &
Trading Account in no time

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What Do People Say About almondz

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Almondz.exe meets my trading expectations in terms of speed and deliveries, especially during high market activity. I recommend this because the desktop application has been most beneficial to your trading strategy.
- Akash Sengar

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I am highly satisfied with the level of support, I have received from Almondz Team. I appreciate the ability to customize the platform to suit my individual preferences. It makes the application feel tailored to my specific trading style.
- Jatin Madan

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"Almondz.exe has proven to be remarkably robust, even during times of high market activity. Its stability has given me the confidence to execute trades without any hesitation. The regular updates and new features are good."
- Kamal Singh Sodhi