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Referral Incentive

Refer clients, earn as you grow. Build a secondary income stream as you share the trading success.

All-in-one Dashboard

Gain comprehensive control and insights through a unified Partner dashboard.

Brokerage Gains

Earn a portion of brokerage for every trade executed by clients you've referred.

Connect & Collaborate

Join a vibrant community of traders to connect and exchange insights to create productive mindsets.

All Digital Workspace

Good riddance to infrastructure needs or office visits because your device is your workspace.

Hassle-free onboarding

No more lengthy forms, no more burying yourself in paperwork. Just sign up and get going.

People who Can partner with us


Digital Influencer

You thrive as a digital trendsetter, dominating the social media landscape. A substantial following eagerly consumes the content you create and share.


Smooth Talker

A natural people connector, you radiate charisma and draw others in effortlessly. With an innate ability for marketing, selling comes naturally to you.


Finance Enthusiast

Passionate about finance and the stock market, you find joy in helping others navigate investment choices


Self-driven Minds

"I'm in charge" is your motto. You're all about earning, growing, and making things happen through your dedicated drive.

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Track your existing & potential leads efficiently

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Keep a check on the application status of your leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Prompt Answers to Some of Your Queries.

An Almondz Partner is an individual who has obtained registration with Almondz Global Securities Limited as a registered referral agent.

Individuals who are at least 18 years old have the opportunity to become a Partner with Almondz.

We will provide a range of assistance in the form of Marketing guides, market trends, and valuable market insights to help our Partners. These will help to communicate with target audiences effectively and provide relevant information to the fresh acquisitions.

If you want to become an Almondz Partner, you'll have to submit these documents:
  • PAN
  • Address Proof - Residence
  • Passport size photo
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Email ID & Contact Number

We provide a comprehensive range of services and seamless platforms that facilitate monitoring all trading activities. Almondz provides an all-in-one dashboard from which you can connect, manage your leads, and enjoy referral incentives. The provision of weekly disbursements from our team will ease your engagement. Furthermore, there is plenty of more information for you to explore.

By becoming an Almondz Partner, you will be entitled to target the audiences for Almondz. The more you would bring audiences for the Almondz the more brokerages and the other benefits will be enjoyed by you.

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